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The Public Administration market, represented by hospitals, nursing homes, schools of every size and grade, civil servants, the army and the police forces, is becoming increasingly important for the foodservice sector. All major operators hire specialized staff dedicated to public tenders, whose tasks range from studying the legal framework to handling the tenders.

In order to meet the demand for information and insights in the field of public tenders, Angem has set up the Tender Committee, whose aims are:

  to provide regular updates on the legal regulatory framework
to gather and respond to tender-related needs
to monitor the impications of changes in the law on the operators' activities.

As meetings are also attended by experts in legal matters, the Committee deals with regulatory issues which are particularly relevant to the foodservice industry.


Industrial Relations Committee
Human resources management is a success factor for all service companies and in particular for those who play a social role, such as foodservice companies.
The Committee consisting of the Human Resources function of member companies deals with the regulatory framework and industrial relations with trade unions for collective bargaining; it collects information and draws up relevant statistics on employment, labour costs and employment litigation.


Food Quality and Safety Committee
Food, health and nutrition are at the heart of the activity of companies operating in the foodservice sector.
The Food quality and safety Committee is made up of highly qualified professionals working for member companies: they are food technologists, dieticians, nutritionists.
The Committee's role is to offer technical advice to Angem in order to address food safety issues and open round table discussions with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and central and local agencies and institutions who deal with aspects related to foodservice.
In 2012 the Committee completed the Manual of good practice for foodservice companies (DGSAN 004251- P 18/12/2012) which was approved by the Ministry of Health..


Health and Safety in the Workplace Committee
Safety in the workplace is the number 1 priority for Angem member businesses.
The Committee is made up of experts in workplace safety working for member companies: it provides technical advice to Angem in order to address issues of safety in the workplace and open round table discussions with central, local institutions and surveillance authorities.
In 2009 it completed the Safety Guidelines for foodservice companies.



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