Proper nutrition protects people's health.
Recent studies have estimated that eleven million people in Italy eat outside their homes for lunch every day, one in two of whom do so in a canteen; these are mainly employees and students. Foodservice plays a key role in providing the proper nutritional intake.
Angem has advocated the creation of ORiCoN - Centre Food services and nutrition Observatory - with a commitment to promoting nutritional awareness.


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The fight against obesity

Although Italy is the homeland of the Mediterranean diet, it has a high rate of obesity, especially among children; Angem believes it is important to focus its efforts on this issue, embracing nutrition as a whole, not a single product.


Food waste


FAO estimates that each year about one third of foodstuffs for human consumption in the world is wasted.
Angem considers the issue of food waste as a key aspect to focus on in order to pinpoint how to contain and reduce it over the next decade.
Foodservice, as a link in this chain, produces limited waste, which is a natural by-product of the preparation of meals.
Three areas/sectors need to be addressed:

•  measuring waste throughout the supply chain 
•  educating consumers to respect food
•  adapting menus to real needs and eating habits, for instance in schools and healthcare facilities.


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The social role of catering

Food is a basic need. Foodservice, as well as meeting this need, plays a consistent social role towards helping vulnerable groups such as the sick and the elderly in healthcare facilities and nursing homes.
This is why we pay great attention to product and service quality.
For years operators in our industry have played an active part in raising awareness and supporting charities and service organizations to provide meals to people in poverty.


Industrial Relations

Angem believes that a system of industrial relations based on participation, going beyond the strict logic of confrontation, enables member companies to really pursue common goals of increased productivity and therefore competitiveness, in order to fuel a virtuous circle that will benefit both employers and employees.


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